Spray Tan Nottingham

Amongst an impressively extensive range of other specialist treatments, for those looking to get a professionally done spray tan Nottingham City Centre houses a real gem in Beautification. Beautification brings together luxurious indulgence with beauty and wellness functionality you would expect from a beauty salon sure to become one of your favourite spots for a bit of pampering, and beauty and wellness treatments.

Any doubts of the location taking anything away from the ideal ambience you’d look for in an indulgent retreat melt away as soon as you step inside and realise just how far away from the city life buzz the place appears to be. The peace of mind to set the precedent for a seriously relaxing time starts with the knowledge that your car is safely parked in the city.

The grandeur of the restored Victorian building mirrors the extensive list of services to be enjoyed inside, but what exactly can you expect from Beautification, particularly as a first-time visitor?

Based on the feedback of what are now other regular clients too, all it seems to take is that first visit to be hooked! The place is nothing short of amazing, with some regulars reporting to have been coming for up to three to four years.

Every inch of the Beautification premises is always spotlessly clean, to the extent that you really cannot miss the lingering cleanliness. This always makes for the perfect way to set the mood, long before you’re officially welcomed into the flickering candle-lit treatment room booked for your appointment. So it’s about more than just the actual treatment you’ll be getting, whether you’re heading into the boutique manicure / pedicure station or indeed if you’re getting an intimate wax. It’s relaxation all round, with the relaxing mood permeating every corner.

However, if that warm, stress-melting feeling induced by the aromatherapy oils, candles and waterbeds is one which you need to savour or get into the full swing of, weather permitting, there’s an on-site, peaceful zen garden retreat, to be enjoyed at your convenience, before or after your treatment.

As far as the individual treatment services go, such as getting a spray tan Nottingham subsequently has some of the best of these on offer, as provided by Beautification. They have a new St Tropez Pro Spray Tanning Booth to enjoy, which always results in a rich-looking tan. Express tanning treatments are also available, for those who might want to be able to wash it off the same day…

Any visit to Beautification is an entire experience, emulsified by the warm greeting you receive when checking into reception, perhaps with a cup of coffee if you so desire.

One could say that nail extensions are missing as a service they might like to see added, but then again you get the sense that it’s not really about raw beauty here, but rather about both looking and feeling great.

You won’t want to go anywhere else for your HD eyebrows, lash extensions, group treatments, microdermabrasion, signature body massage, etc.